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, the trouble moves inland, floods now far worse than anticipated. >> steve: man, look at those pictures. meanwhile, airlines will be busy today untangling what a mess of their own. travelers strangsded with nothing to do but wait. will they fly today or tomorrow or the next day? stay tuned. >> brian: and, just one of the incredible scenes from hurricane irene. a lifeguard shack gets watched away in long beach, new york. we will have the story and hear from one of the lifeguards coming up. "fox & friends" starts right now. captions by closed captioning services [rooster crowing] >> alisyn: good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us bright and early. we are up early to give you the aftermath of irene. she wreaked a lot of havoc in and around new york city. new york city not so much. connecticut, jersey, upstate new york a the love damage this morning. >> steve: indeed. good morning ali and brian: how he was impacted directly by irene. brian and i are appearing today via no electricity at our homes, limited water. this is like the pioneer days. >> alisyn: that explains a few things. >
have a live report from nbc's steve handelsman in new york. we want to go to sfo where dozens of flights were canceled because of hurricane irene. hello, monty. >> reporter: good evening. here at sfo, a total of 87 departing flights were canceled and 46 of those flights were canceled today. all weekend long passengers have been scrambling to book other flights. all the airlines have been flying to locations on the east coast such as washington, d.c., baltimore and philadelphia the first flight is the red eye. there is a huge back up and thousands of people getting back to the east coast, some are being told they will wait several days to get out of here. we found one woman inside here at the united counter trying to get back to new jersey. she was told she couldn't get a flight until saturday. >> i know it's mother nature and they probably have nothing to do with it, but i hope they can try to get organized. >> i missed my vacation with my daughter and i missed changing the flights and i said come hell or high water. my daughter is having a staycation which is not the same thi
irene is inland southern new jersey and pennsylvania with several rivers cresting way above usual. steve from our affiliate at wtxf is in trenton this morning. so this is a surprise? >> yeah, right. well, i'll tell you something, here's a little name of a little stream that you've never heard of. and it runs through trenton, the delaware river is flooding trenton big time but here is the story that's going to affect hundreds of thousands of folks especially you people in new york. if you're going north. this is why rail >> the philadelphia rail people figured let's leave our trains there and they're now sitting flooded so you have water over e fun in the flood caused by irene, he went for a swim while sporteding his new york best dad t-shirt for his 3-year-old son to see on tv, peter arnold is dry and he's on the couch this morning. good morning to you, peter. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> what were you thinking? >> not much, i think weri, dur that time. i'm starting to start a new fitness craze called street swimming. it's like you only have to do it once every three or f
inside otherwise you might blow away. >> and apple boss steve jobs photo controversy looking gravely ill. but is it a fake? then, coupon lady, why she is told her coupons are no good at this supermarket. >> this was personal. >> the confrontation caught on camera. >> i can't use my coupons? >> is america ready for chaz bono on dancing with the stars? >> that's going to get a lot of people talking. >>> hello, everybody. thank you for joining us for our first broadcast in high definition. we hope you like our crisp new look no matter what kind of television set you might be watching on. she didn't say a word but she still made quite a statement. on stage at the mtv video music awards beyonce opened her jacket and rubbed her belly and let the world know she is pregnant with her first child. jim morets that and all of the other drama at the always entertaining vmas. >> beyonce rubs her belly making it official. the superstar is pregnant with her first child. proud hubby jay-z beams from the audience getting a pat on the back from pal can yeah west- - kanye west he even gives beyonce a salute
devil hills. >> at day break, beauty was back and his brother was still alive. steve kessler's house took a hit. $50,000 in damage. >> it kept coming and coming and that wind. >> irene lashed coastal carolina, it hit hard and fast, the early hours sucked the life from the outer banks. >> this is roanoke sound. for a half-mile from shore almost all the water is gone, pushed inland by irene counterclockwise winds. 24 hours later all the water has come rushing back but the dock is gone, washed away by the same storm surge that floods this neighborhood. but irene was a disaster with a small d. yes, snap thoughts in hatteras, but not wholesale destruction. in ada andrews house the water is going down and so is her anxiety. >> it is beautiful here 364 days a year. >> and steve kessler has a roof over his head. >> t the inside i the can handle. the outside is a mess. >> most of the deaths blamed on irene this weekend were a result of falling trees. and we invite you to stay with wje for complete coverage of irene for the impact on maryland, school closings, click on >> the orioles
after trying to catch up after canceling 9,000 flights. we go to nbc's steve handelsman in new york city. >> reporter: starting the cleanup. this was central park. new york is draining tonight. rhode island is taking stock. >> it's not as bad as we expected. it's much better. >> reporter: irene was a full fledged cat 1 hurricane. this was long island this morning. >> pandemonium pretty much. kind of crazy. >> reporter: at least 15 people were reported killed from florida to new england, many by falling trees last night and today. flooding extended far inland. this was near philadelphia and some rivers are still reported rising. now, many of the millions who evacuated want to see if there's damage. asa lowe in new york city. >> they said there was limited damage and power outages. i don't know what to believe. >> reporter: charlie jones in north carolina. >> they won't let us back in. you have to have a reentry pass. >> reporter: with power out to 800,000 homes in maryland and more than half a million in north carolina and pennsylvania, many people are not being allowed home. the feds exp
and you know what yo have and then you can treat the with what you learned in the first half with steve and the goal of triage happens to be th motto of nert "do the most good for the most people" and if there is an earthquake right no and ceiling collapsed and 40 people in here, and if i'm the one rescuer coming to you and the first person is not breathing and no pulse, would you want me to stop and do cpr for this person before i reache you and what if there are 500 people behind that and do cpr and i just have to open an air way and all patients fall unde under -- and i'm going to use colors and green, walking wounded and anybody that walks. d for delayed or yellow meaning you're hurt but you're not hurt enough. you're not hurt but that no not that bad an. and d is dead. and dead is the easiest one to determine. and how do we determine whether someone is dead? they're not breathing, right an steve said that several times and how do we know someone is not breathing? we look, listen, and feel and open the air way and we look to see if the chest is rising and listen to feel air and how
the formation of their own transitional council. there are reports of tanks and gun fire in a town. steve is in moscow. let us talk about the envoy there now. what is expected? >> we do not know a lot about what he is thinking about. this is russia's deputy foreign minister. we do not know who he is meeting or what he is discussing. it is no secret that moscow is deeply unhappy with the u.n. security council resolution with american and european powers are trying to get through the security council. one that would take strong starts to authorities and the president come introducing economic sanctions, freezing assets, -- those are the kinds of things that russia is against. they do not believe it will lead to peace. irresolution should not mention sanctions. it takes a more balanced view in the eyes of moscow, calling for the speeding up of economic reform. not taking an overly-critical attitude. >> while this continues, the international voice, other than a pressure -- russia continues. thanks very much, steve. still to come, new york escaped the worst of the damage as hurricane irene is
which the rebels say they are using as a barracks. and now, streaming live tonight from tripoli. steve is sirte the last stand for the qaddafi forces? >>steve: well, shepard, it looks like unless there is another stand, this could be the final major battle in the six month conflict. there are up to thousands of qaddafi loyalists in sirte and concern that in his arsenal there could be a number of scud milaners so right now the rebels are 20 miles outside of sit in three directions. they are approaching but they want help from nato that helped them take tripoli, they want nato to bomb the bunkers and bomb out the missile launchers paving the way to take the stronghold much as possible, and it could be two or three days away. >>shepard: is the fighting over tripoli? >>steve: the sounds of weapons are still present in tripoli. you have an excited and young inexperienced force firing into the air each night but the real battles have been melting away. this city is under control of the rebels for new but it is a challenge to be in control. we have not seen widespread looting but they have th
the beach on long island... >> go, go, go! >> reporter: ...steve iorio scrambled to save the property he manages. >> reporter: how is it going, no water right now? >> no, no, no, we've been managing it all night. just trying to stay ahead of it. >> reporter: but in the low- lying community of long beach, new york, irene arrived at the worst possible time, high tide. that lead to several feet of flooding in some areas, though the waters quickly receded after irene moved past. >> another hour we would have been-- this whole street would have been totally filled with water. probably two feet plus in every house. >> reporter: irene indirectly hampered long beach hire fighters who had get past boarded up windows to put out a house fire. and earlier firefighters were called to remove debris from a rooftop, the hazard to the crowds below. >> there is a lot of people, even though there is a mandatory evacuation, they are still mulling about here. it's a spectacle to them a danger to us. >> reporter: the fire chief urged people to stay off the beach and today a reminder of why. >> we have another
winchester, 63 dulles. light northerly wind no shortage of sunshine. back to you steve. >> let's update the morning commute mta announcing all modes of transportation working today. light rail passengers should plan for delays because of storm damage the penn line will operate a limited service schedule metro trains, buses intercounty buses will operate on regular county schedules, julie. >>> all right steve let's say good morning to the crew in sky fox in southern maryland checking out your drive along water street. part of it is still under water a portion remains blocked off in each direction as you travel between maine and pennsylvania, this is out near the courthouse live from this location all morning long. we were told everything was open but that is not the case we can see from holly's live shot that the road remains closed because of standing water they are trying to pump out. unfortunately water street remains closed. >>> back inside and update the ride elsewhere. travelling southbound 270 your lanes are open no incidents to report coming out of german town first day of school
is steve. my family's lived in this neighborhood for years. recently, things got so tight we had to go to our local food bank for help. i lost a lot of sleep worrying about what the neighbors might think. that is, until i saw them there, too. how'd i do, steve? a little stiff. you could have done a little better. what? come on. you know, i have an academy award. yeah, but not for playing me. announcer: play a role in ending hunger. visit and find your local food bank. done on the east coast. the
an update on the storm later on in the newscast. but first, nbc's steve handelsman has a look at all the damage. >> reporter: the danger that remains tonight from irene comes from the hurricane's huge rainfall. rivers like this in vermont are raging there is overflow from north carolina to new england. this was pennsylvania near philadelphia. >> this storm is transitioning into a flooding event. we're going to experience major flooding. >> reporter: in bayhead, new jersey, rising seawater filled the streets near nancy walton. >> we knew at 11:30, 12:00 we made a mistake by staying, but we couldn't go anywhere. we were stuck. >> reporter: new york city firefighters had to rescue more than 60 people, including three babies on staten island. >> when i looked out, my heart sank because all of the sudden the water was up to the level of the cars. >> reporter: despite water in some streets, 300,000 new yorkers were allowed back home. after the city's first ever evacuation of coastal neighborhoods. mayor michael bloomberg also closed the subways, the tunnels, the bridges. >> nobody likes to
alive in kill devil hills. steve kessler's house took a hit, $50,000 in damages. >> and it just kept coming and it kept coming and it kept coming, and that wind -- >> reporter: irene lashed coastal carolina, hit hard, hit fast. its early hours sucked the life from the banks. snapshots of damage in hatteras and despair in rodincy, but not wholesale destruction. >> here's the waterline right here. >> reporter: in ada andrew's house, the water is going down. so is her anxiety. >> i live through them because it's beautiful 364 days of the year. >> reporter: and steve kessler still has a roof over his head. >> inside i can handle. it's the outside that's -- that's a mess. >> reporter: but most places outside here whisper vacation again. irene's timing is more good news, gone just in time for labor day weekend, the big money maker up an down this coastline. mark strassmann, cbs news, kill devil hills, north carolina. >>> we'll take a break. colin powell accuses dick cheney of taking cheap shots. >>> plus beyonce's news, baby bump. this is the "cbs morning news." . wow! the best in the worl
been more visible recently although it is not clear if you'll be the one to fill steve jobs role of product introductions on stage. his real strength lies behind the scenes. after >> jobs announced to a stepping down, apple stocks started to fall. it was a gorgeous sunday for the bay area. >> previous, as marshals. it is coming out on the market soon. when i got my hands on the today safety. if in the future 3-d will be a standard feature. dlj throw is a look to the future. a giant 4.310 screens. 3-d is an extra feature that you could use or not. the thrill is for judo core process of making a fast and is serving the well was a breeze. when you want to do something with 3 become head this 3-d tab. that takes you to the many were you can see pictures and videos have taken. treasonous youtube 3-d channel. plg scroll the at&t refers. there's no official release date. wismar fall only costs one of dollars with a two-year contract.
against the regime. there are today fresh reports of tanks and gunfire. the bbc's steve rosenberg is in moscow for that. what does it bring to the table? it doesn't like the u.n. resolution. what is its solution? >> russia said it is distinctly unhappy with the draft resolution which america and the european powers have come up with which russia maintains is bias against the syrian authorities. the russians have come up with their own draft resolution or alternative resolution, one that in moscow's eyes is more balanced. one that would call for cessation of violence on both sides and would call for a speeding up of reforms but would make no mention of economic sanctions against the syrian authorities. the russians maintain that is the best way to resolve this conflict. >> el-assad not known for listening to outside voices over the duration of this conflict. if he doesn't listen to russia, does moscow have a plan b here? >> certainly the russians have indicated they may vito any u.n. security council resolution that in moscow's eyes does not lead to a resolution of the situation. i
process that steve will be bringing forward to you at the next meeting. this is the port commission, basically saying that they approved to go ahead because the implication steps in the process would work that needs to be done with that the army to coordinate the demolition of pure 36 will be construction of the plaza itself. there is a lot of technical detail that needs to be coordinated between those efforts. it has been under way, but with action today we would be able to pull through and meet that schedule for delivering in time for next summer. thank you. >> it might be premature to ask about this. it might be something for the army corps, but i have a question about the existing tiles that are there. in terms of the reduction of the significant impacts, it seems that a lot of it relates to driving. are there any opportunities to preserve what exists, as much as what is being done at the exploreatorium? >> great question. during the detailed engineering design, we looked at several methods to incorporate into the new project that turned out to be more expensive. we went forward
have been working on. -- steve fiftpanelly. >> cheap plumbing inspector. good morning, commissioners. one of the things we are working on that i told you about last month was the boiler permit to operate to be done on line. after all the testing -- we have testing done last month. we have three different contractors that came in to do a lot of the certifications throughout san francisco, and they did a dry run, and we put it into production for them to test it. since then we have added three or four more contractors to the databases to see if there were any more problems with the system. we have had positive feedback, and by the end of the month we will be able to launch and put it out to the public for use. that is where we're at at this point. >> item 6g, update on new hires. >> since the beginning of the year we have had 13 new hires, which are actually holdovers from last year that were in last year's budget, but they will be starting at the end of this month. there will be 13, six of which are clerks. some will be assigned to the fifth floor to take the place of the people bette
rain caused significant damage to this building. steve has the latest from new york city. >> the danger that remains tonight from my reign comes from the hurricane huge rainfall. rivers like this are reaching. there's overflow from north carolina to new england. this is pennsylvania near philadelphia. >> this storm is transitioning into a flooding event. we will experience major flooding. in bay head, new jersey, rising sea water filled the streets . >> we knew around 1130 to 12:00 we may have made a mistake by staying. >> new york city firefighters had to rescue more than 60 people, including three babies, on staten island. >> all of a sudden, the water was up to the level of the cars. >> despite water in some streets, 300,000 new yorkers were allowed back home. that was after the city's first- ever redecoration of coastal neighborhoods. mayor michael bloomberg also closed the subways, the tunnels, and the bridges. >> nobody likes to shut down the economy of the city. nobody likes to inconvenience people. but human lives are much more important. >> falling trees took the most lives. lo
. there is pressure on rebels to turn over the lockerbie bom bomber. steve harrigan has the latest from tripoli just after midnight. good morning. >> several members of gaddafi's immediate family one daughter and two sons crossed over the boarder to algeria, according to algerian officials and it happened as both sides prefair for a major battle along the coast. >> what could be final battle with several thousand gaddafi loyalists is shaping up in the home city of sert. they are approaching from three directions. they are waiting for nato war plane to knock out any scud missile launchers in the ars nel. so far no, credible intelligence has been made public. rebels solidified control over tripoli. gun battles trick ailway. for now, the taps are dry. gasoline has driven to $20 a gallon. another problem is what to do about the lockerbie bomber abdelbaset al-megrahi. released on compassionate charges two years ago. he says he is dying of cancer, slipping in and out of a coma. extra division, the new got says is out of the question. >> is it a rule of law you can't take someone to court twice for the sa
and traffic starting with rosemary who is in for steve paulson. >> it was a warm one inland this weekend. around the bay area very pleasant and along the coastline cool in some spots. mild and warm in others. we will begin a cooling trend. notably cooler by tomorrow. today temperatures expected to slip a little bit. we are waking up with patchy fog. partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures expected to fall below average for this time of year. once again we will outline that for you. show you what to expect outside of your door. >>> rosemary right now traffic is moving along nicely if you are driving on 80 westbound. not a bad drive at all. looks good all the way out to the mccarthur maze. and we are look for a light toll plaza delay before you drive into san francisco. 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> in overnight news a concord park is a crime scene this morning after a shooting. ktvu allie rasmus is near the park where part of the area is still blocked off this morning. allie. >> reporter: that shooting happened just before 10:00 last night here in concord. this is the area we're
. and with the new book "class warfare, the fight to fix america's schools" is steve brill joining us. lighti delighted to have you here. you say to fix the schools you needed a dulls who are not willing to sit down. is that it? >> well, you need adults who are worried and the progress of the kids in the classroom and not worried about the pensions they entitled to at the end of the 20 or 25-year period or worried about the work rules that don't allow a principal to comment on the form of a teacher's lesson plan, that don't allow pri principals more than one observation a year. this is basic accountability and it is a profession and should be a profession with 3.2 million teachers and it is the only workplace in the united states where so far for the most part performance doesn't count. that is starting to change, but that is the premise of the book is that that is a bizarre situation. >> how many teachers did you speak to in e pr papreparing fo book, because the "new york times" suggested that you spoke to three. >> well, of the three teachers who are public schoolteachers who are quoted in
as we take a look down over wisconsin avenue. it is monday morning, august 29th now, 2011. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> the storm blamed for at least 21 deaths across the east coast, most of the fatalities from talling trees crashing through roofs or onto cars. >> damage assessments are under way right now up and down the east coast with unestimate putting the price tag close to $7 billion. major power outages were expected well ahead of the storm and that prediction came true. more than four and a half million people were without power at the height of the storm. >> let's get you caught up on the latest numbers. pepco now reporting just under 81,000 outages. dominion with 16,900 outages in northern virginia. bge with about 25,000 outages in montgomery and prince george's county. >>> now to the schools, anne arundel, kal variety, charles, howard and bridge, also st. mary's county schools are all closed. check the top of your screen for any information about what school staff should do. >> d.c. public schools are open except for 13 schools with no power. you can see th
if you don't. underpreparation never does anyone any good ." haymarket, virginia. steve, independent line. caller: it was much worse in isabel, but the disaster is in february when the cold front generators are shut down because of obama's repeal the laws of physics, reference in his comic book classes he took a harvard. host: republican, miami, good morning. caller: good morning. i want to comment, all my family is from new york and new jersey. yes, the storm -- my heart goes out to a lot of people that have had a lot of flooding and have to deal with a lot of disaster. i come from florida and we have to deal with this kind of thing during the hurricane season and you have to be normally prepared. this was a shock for a lot of people who not experienced anything like this. when i spoke to families in new york, i was so grateful it was not worse, i got a lot of pictures and trees and everything. as far as the government, it did step up, but at times we have to take responsibility for ourselves. there is a lot of hype about the evacuation of new york. my kids, my daughter and my mom were s
could create jobs? steve moore is a senior economic writer for the "wall street journal." some are calling this an irene stimulus package saying look at all the construction workers and other folks who are going to have to go out there and do the cleanup, valid? >> megyn i'm not one of those economists that thinks that a serious hurricane and flooding sometime later the economy. this is the old method gee of broken windows, you break the windows and have somebody to fix them and that sometime later the economy. the fact that people have flooded basements and i saw the pictures you've been showing all days on fox news that is not a stimulus to the economy. it's going to reduce the wealth of american households. the only question, megyn is by how much. i've seen statistics as you have, tense of billions. i think that is a little high, ten to 20 billions. katrina was 125 billion. not nearly the magnitude of that but still very troubling. megyn: on the grand scale of the u.s. economy that seems like a blib in terms of financial costs, am i wrong? >> it is. if you look at the resort
>> thank you. much, steve. i am a great love for this wonderful institution at the national constitution center. i also want to remind you we have an exhibit upstairs and prosperity hall between diners hall and the main exhibit area on link and then i hope you're okay to take a look at some time in the coming weeks. it is obligatory for persons again in this chair to praise the author and to praise his book. unethically, i think anyone who agrees to perform my role as intraocular hefty genuinely believe that on the other occasions in which i done that, i've done this. but this really is an occasion in which i want to go a little bit over the top because they do think adam is a very special is your hand and this is a very, very national book. as he described adam's career, he really has been at a remarkably early age, a very important public intellectual, speaking to a wide audience about a wide variety of subjects, i think since he graduated from harvard not that long ago. and now, he is undertaken -- it's hard to believe -- by the way, either really ratty copy of the book i
march. steve harrigan with the news streaming live in tripoli. any new details on the qaddafis? >> shepard, the qaddafi clan is spreading out. at least several members of the immediate family have crossed over the border into algeria in armored mercedes-benzes. his wife, his daughter, at least two sons, as many as 30 family members in all, some rumors about one son thomas who rebels say has been killed in the fighting here. and as for muammar qaddafi himself, despite help from nato's surveillance, no public word on his whereabouts yet, shepard. >> shepard: i've asked you this before but i wonder if that's now the biggest challenge and the biggest priority for libya's new government, catching qaddafi. >> certainly it is a focus of this new government to catch him, to put an end to the resistance and really an end point to this war but they have their hands full as well with some major problems trying to govern. half of this country right now does not have water running or otherwise. so it's becoming a real sanitation health problem here inside the city of $2 million. security,
to people you can do more than one thing and i wrapped a movie based on steve harvey's best selling book. so i did it! i worked really hard and i did it and i'm going to star in my first play in new york city. >> steve: and you're going to be in the after the show show with us today. >> my career is on the up and up right now. >> steve: thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> steve: that's going to do it bill:bill bill: okay, thanks guys. on a pho*rpbgs hope your weekend was good, fox tphaoubs alert, millions of people reeling from irene, many waking up to mass flooding like these pictures he and no power, and in vermont, it's epic, torrential rain like they've never seen before, rivers turning into raging waters and wiping about everything in its path. in a moment you're going to see these historic covered bridge, three in vermont, that were just washed away, disappearing in a matter of seconds, hundreds more there forced from their homes. we'll also show you this clip where a car is literally rolling down the street, throating on -- floating on water as it goes by. many came
expected. economist steve richiuitto believes the financial impact will be modest. >> the numbers that are being bandied about are basically anywhere from $10 billion to $40 billion. but if you look at it in terms of its effect on quarterly g.d.p., third quarter g.d.p., how much could you take off of that? well the answer, basically, is about 0.1%. that's nowhere near the $45 billion in private insurance damage from hurricane katrina in 2005, but many experts say it's too early to calculate the full impact of irene, especially with some towns still underwater. and then there's the yet-to-be- tallied impact to retailers. some chains, like home depot and lowes, benefited from storm preparations. others, however, suffered as irene forced many to shutter during a busy weekend. analyst r.j hottovy said late august can be important for many retailers. >> typically in a period like this, especially being back to school season, a lot of the purchases are simply going to get delayed into this week. the problem for retailers? this potentially could move inventories to a markdown situation.
begins in the aftermath of hurricane irene ... good afternoon i am robert jordan in for steve sanders. >>and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web ... >>before it moved on to canada as a much weekend storm irene caused dangerous flooding and power outages from n.c. to new england this weekend at least 24 deaths are now blamed on the storm vermont is experiencing some of the worst flooding in more than 80 years for mines and emergency management department says that homes have been knocked off their foundations and about 260 roads across that state are impacted by the flooding many are under water president obama promises hope for storm victims but he said the recovery will take time ... >>it will take time to recover from a storm of this magnitude the effects are still being felt in new england ... >>there is severe flooding in parts of upstate new york as well seven families from brooklyn who thought they had to escape the storm were stranded in the catskill mountains after the bridges crumbled around them in nor
't talked about the residents today. we have steve and fran here. what's upsetting you is it will be a long time before power goes back on. tell me your situation. >> the power went off last night. they're telling me it will be seven days before power is back on. next sunday afternoon we'll have power. >> reporter: how does that make you feel? i know you work from home. how difficult is the situation for you and your neighbors? >> it's hard to live that way. the neighborhood is black. the street lights don't work. power lines are down. you will run over live power lines. it's impossible to live like that. i have called psg & e, pleaded with them to repair the lines and they said, no, you have to wait your turn. >> reporter: they don't have the resources. >> they don't. >> reporter: your house is really damaged in the major blizzard we had this winter. you just got through fixing that. >> everything. >> reporter: now what? >> my back room, my family room that was repaired is down. a big tree branch hit it and the new roof is gone. on the other side of the house we had massive flooding. no po
from steve handelsman, and there was nobody on the streets of times square. what's the feeling like today? >> reporter: it's interesting, joe, because i made the trip from the carolinas into new york and got in late last night and actually was down here, and it was very crowded, just as you would see on any night, tourists down here. a lot of locals as well. while we talked about the frustration, i think the majority of people that i talked to, especially those that live in the area were very excited about the idea they did not get the flooding expected, they did not get the wind damage expected, and things would begin to get back to normal. overall, people are breathing a huge sigh of relief this morning. jay gray reporting live from times square. thanks very much, jay. >>> wall street will be open for business today. all u.s. financial markets plan to open for a normal day of trading on this monday. parts of new york's financial district were among the areas evacuated this week. that area dealt with some flooding, but only minor damage was reported. >>> here's a look at where iren
but it could have been worse. steve is back with us now in studio for more on this still historic storm. >> that is the key for everybody out there saying it was over hyped and people over played it and it wasn't that bad the reason you do that is to get people out of the areas where it is going to hit the hardest on the east coast was the shore line imagine if those people were there when the storm came in the situation would have been much different now the storm no long era hurricane but still there, still up north heading into canada passing into new england there were much bigger problems than here as it continues to head north. >> reporter: in new jersey some streets are almost knee deep in water it is worse in trenton as residents can be seen making their way around in boats. in elms ford north of new york city irene forced water from the saw mill river throughout one neighbourhood some there take it in stride. >>> nothing i can do. >> some homes being filmed in rock land county. >> as the flood comes through, evacuated 200 residents displaced. >> reporter: torential rains floode
morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. >> let's get you caught up on the latest with the power and the school situation. pepco is reporting just under 83,000 outages right now. dominion, 17,500 in northern virginia. bge with 26,000 customers in the dark in montgomery and prince george's county and 48,000 customer without power in southern maryland. >>> anne arundel, charles, howard, st. mary's county schools all closed. check the top of your screen for information about what school staff should do. montgomery county, schools will open for the first day. however, as of last night, 21 schools in the country had no power. we should know by 6:00 this morning whether those schools will open. most of the schools are open. twenty-one of them are closed right now because of power. at 6:00, they'll make the call on those schools. >>> d.c. public schools are now open except for 13 schools without power. >>> the federal government open today. however, workers do have the option of taking unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework. >> let's find out what is happening in the w
including 189 americans. steve harrigan is streaming live from tripoli. >> reporter: right now the new government here in tripoli is making clear that they will not extradict abdel baset al-megrahi the lockerbie bomber to any other country. they say he was judged once he will not be sent abroad to be judged another time. the search continues for moammar qaddafi. one place he could be is his home city of sirte. there are several thousand moammar qaddafi loyalists in the hometown. they are armed with scud missile launches. they are imploring nato warplanes to knockout the stud launches for a possible battle we could see in sirte in days ahead. in tripoli the rebels have solidified their control. we are not hearing the gun battles we have heard a few days ago. no electricity, no run water and perhaps alarming down the road no real police force. looking for a police force could be something that this new rel government turns to outside help for either the u.n. or neighboring countries. back to you. gregg: steve harrigan, we'll check back with you. jenna: irene may be gone but the question
. >> [laughter] >> i'm steve adler and i'm remembered and chief by reuters and by the way we have 3,000 journalists around the world and we do invest heavily in investigative journalism but that's not my question. >> i've never heard of you. [laughter] >> but my question is this, if we had four 25 years old up on the stage who were very active in social media would this conversation sound different? and the reason i'm asking the question it seems what some of it is going on is the a major change in the way information is being shared and disseminated and being thought about in the world today. and the -- and some other kind of establishment viewpoints about how do we do this responsibly is probably what's not in the air now. and i wonder if you would just comment on the generational and cultural changes that have occurred that are affecting about how we should be thinking about this? >> i think this hooks up nicely with -- >> you're closer to that. >> i'm doing my best, jerry. [laughter] >> but time keeps ticking. it links up nicely with jeff's point about -- i think it was jeff's p
that i think we have just seen steve jobs step down as ceo of apple to become chairman. he was the only person i have ever known that has ever been able to actually merge the world's completely reject completely. ure that he and the company will continue to weld in the future. from my perspective, that is the perfect example of the union we should see in the future. and from my perspective again, this is the first time the lecture has been given by someone not employed and television broadcasting or production. and i am not sure whether that means the bar has been raised or lowered, but i will do my best it is an honor to be here. as an outsider james murdoch described himself as a crazy relative everyone is embarrassed by. i wonder what he would say now. [applause] if james is the family outcast, i am not sure what that makes me. and by the cheek in the corner? and my the alien species? and by t ? am ith the android? have google toto look this step up? i am back. [laughter] it is very kind of you to think of me. i am very committed to google. all that has changed now is that larry has
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